So, I am hosting the party…tee hee hee..the Party tonight for the midnight showing of Rocky Horror at Canstage…
What will that be like?
I wonder…
I have an excellent F%$k off outfit that I got from Pam Chorley’s Fashion Crimes today!
I love it …
Who will be there….
Will Tyra be there?
Those girls on this cycle of ANTM and totally
That girl Jael is like two steps from rehab and that Renee???
I wonder if they watch it later and think ” Wow, I looked effed and oh that is why I didn’t win.”
And she (Crazy Tyra) is just keepin’ that Diana girl in cause she is big……
You can be big and have style….she looks like she just rolled out of bed, for shit sakes.
And Idol…
Well….I tape it and then watch two seconds of each performer and then fast forward to the comments..
I love it!
And the girl they just voted off…I agree with ….her voice was a little too halting for me.
But Pussycat Dolls….
So trashy and skanky…..
The Mikey guy who helps choreo…
he said “The dolls are classy not trashy”
And two seconds later they had all the contestants dancing in a go go room with a two way window!!!!!

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  1. glad to see that your still watching your shows…don’t have too much fun tonight without me and well chat soon…ciao bella

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