I don’t know what it is…..ya know when someone just gets in your craw and stays there…..
I have seen enough of….
Fricken’ Tyra Banks…..she is everywhere….talkin’ about how humble she is, what a good girl she is….
One of my fave moments is during this whole unfortunate
“America’s Next Top Waddle” story……
which I have to say she is handling quite well, she decided to not ignore it and face it head on, I applaud that …..
but just when I am warmin’ to her……
she says on Larry King……
” Oh yes, I do deal with it ( weight issue) on my talk show…tomorrow on the show I am very vulnerable and I cry.”
Oh my god…does the hear herself ?!
When I watch her in interviews and on TV…
cause clearly though she bugs the shit oughta me I can’t get enough, maybe I think that this will be the time she redeems herself………
She acts like a Princess.
Doesn’t she???
Maybe I need to go think about why this bothers me so much….what are my deep seeded issues?
I mean, she is a self made woman, she is a producer and a hard worker….maybe I just want her to be real?
Am I jealous of her success?
You wanna see something ….hmmm…I don’t know what it is…odd…weird ….disconcerting……
go to
Youtube and after you watch one of my new clips ( yes…there is a new one!) go to
Tyra Banks Goes Wild…
wooooo chillin’….
That girl was on the edge and they caught it on video….

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  1. Wow tyra issues…that is too funny.

    I hope that you can find where your problem lies with her and deal with it cause that’s really intense lol. I love how passionate you are. Well have a great day and I will look into that about the new youtube. Talk to you soon Kevin

  2. I should not get started on Tyra…she bugs the hell out of me! You’re not alone.

    And I totally watched that youtube video…and it scared me just a little bit… 🙂

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