Good day on set!!!
Love that …..was NOT humiliated or made to feel stupid….that is sad that that makes it a good day on set.
No, no, no…..when I got there I saw that it was a director and a producer that I had worked with before and I was doing my scene with Linda Kash…who is the only woman that I do TV with anymore….it seems…..and I ain’t complaining baby!!!!!
WE had a great day…even though I almost froze my ta ta’s off.
Cold….holy shitty poop!
And we were in my hometown…the Hammer….that always make me feel that I have the home court advantage…whatever the fuck that means.
Tomorrow I go back in for a callback for 5 M & M Meat commercial spots and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you… I WANT ‘Em……but friends…if I never mention them again after this day…please don’t ask…it means that I didn’t get it and wish to never speak of it again!!!


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