I come and I go…
It is busy then it’s not…..
I write every cay when I clean my colon and then when I go away.
After the cleanse I went into such a euphoric state…..yes…that was where my euphoria was……..that I just went into hibernation.
I have also been doing commercial auditions up the yin yang…cause that is what we ACTRA people can do…
I have to say that I am more than a bit nervous about the industry…there was a huge article in the paper today about how we are wrecking it for everyone and making them lose jobs….it is in the Star…..but we have issues that are just comes at a very bad time…I want to work, too.
I am doing a TV show next week, they signed a waver with ACTRA, and I am playing, what? A secretary… I am getting good at those.
It is called `Till Death Do Us Part`and it is about spouses who kill each other…black comedy I hope…I don`t know…I haven`t had time to read the script.
Gonna work on some projects today …..ho hum…
nothing exciting….haven`t even watched my “ Beauty and the Geek“ on tape yet..

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  1. Howdy,

    Well congrats on the auditions up the ying yan, you deserve it. Unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast so you take it when it comes. I can’t wait to see the show. Keep the four of us posted lol…had to throw that in there. Missing you tons and can’t wait to get together. Kevin

  2. I auditioned for the part of a Mormon in that show. I really wanted it. I was like “Finally, a role made for me!” Alas…they must have picked up on that whole gay thing…damn. And my hair looked so pretty.

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