You would think that I was busy or something…..I was!!! But I miss my blog and my three devoted fans……
And I didn’t know how much I really loved Halloween until I started working on the show…’s not like I am doing the monster mash or anything, believe me…..just love getting dressed up….and dressed up I will be, peeps.
And I am a bit fluttery in the tummy that for the first time …except fo the closer and the opener…I am doing all new material….and Paul Butler by biggest blogger had some important business trip or some such thing….blah, blah, blah…..WHATEVER…….You will be missed…..
Tonight I will be announcing the line up for the Night of 100 Stars ( minus 90)…..I am very excited because it is a very ecclectic and entertaining list of people.
I hope that you can all make it out.

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  1. I’m so sorry that my sister and I can’t come tonight! We are seriously so sad that we’re missing this. Have a fantastic show with all the new material!

    And will you post the list of people performing at your December show? I’m so excited and we will definitely be there! πŸ™‚

    Good luck tonight!

  2. We will miss you tonight! πŸ™ So sorry we can’t make it; your shows are always the highlight of the month. πŸ™‚ Have fun, though, and we’ll see you soon at SFANW! (And, of course, we’ll definitely be at the Night of 100 Stars Minus 90!)

  3. I am shitting myself with excitement.

    That said, I will change before the show.

  4. I am dying peeps! what happened? who was the guest? what was the singalong? who are the stars? did Damian wear his weird King Lear outfit??? I am stuck in ottawa where all it does is rain! help a poor guy out!

  5. Sharron was fabulous. There was a movie musicals montage, an ode to Clay Aiken montage, and the sing-a-long was a fabulous (harmonic, no less) rendition of SUMMER NIGHTS. Queer heaven. Robert Cushman was adorable, Damien Atkins was fantastic (I cried), and Mary Pitt was the hysterical surprise guest. Sorry to say Paul, you missed some fun!

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