Dancin’, dancin, dancin’……..tonight is the night!!!!!
Travis ( and his sensitive heart and pushy-up hair), Benji ( who wants to meet a girl and settle down…?) Heidi ( who was my favourite …and I so glad that the stylist made her not look like a meth addict), Musa ( wowie….he …..well…..I just think…..his…. he is an awesome dancer), Natalie ( they said her face was empty but I thought that she danced up a storm) are in my town tonight.
Do you know what I am talking about?
The concert of ” So You Think You Can Dance?” is at the Hummingbird tonight and I got birthday tickets!!!!!!
So it will be me, George, two guys I know who are 49 year old partners ( & business men) and one has a shirt that says ” I Love Travis” and about 4 million 13 year old girls.
Here is a fun fact……on the first day of ticket sales ( my friend works for the Hummingbird so I am not makin’ it up as I am want to do, on occasion) they got one million calls for tickets and begged the company to do another show but they needed a day off.
Ya know what I say?
In this age of nothing selling in Toronto ……SUCK IT UP, People!
Give the audience what they WANT!
Did i just say that?
That was the inner voice that I save for quiet moments ….just me and my ….well….. inner voice…what shall I call her….why don’t you three give me some suggestions?
Now, don’t be mean in your suggestions.

I still get a bit upset when I happen upon someone saying something mean about me on the interweb, as George likes to call it…and it happens every so often and hits me in the gut.
So , here I am today on IMDB.com ( internet movie database ) and I am checking out my page as I just did a Self Promotion Workshop at Actra ( film and tv union) and I was on the panel and one of the other panel members, Mag Ruffman, ( who I love!!!!! ) told me it was worth it to use that resource…..oh I do go on but the punchline will be worth it….so I thought , “get to it wanna-be-tv-star!”
So, there is a discussion board place that I have nver seen before…….it says “Discuss Sharron Matthews with others”…”hmm”…..I think…”who will have written on that?”
So, against my wise woman …inner voice ……instincts I go it.
The first post is from a girl last year saying I rock.
“Well,” I am thinking, “this was a good idea…I can’t believe strangers have been saying nice things about me and I didn’t know.”
I go to the next one…..the post person say something like ” My friend told me her aunt was an actor and I thought she was lying…..then I saw her in Mean Girls”….yes you did, missy…” and I was surprised because she had gained weight!”
What the…..hey…that isn’t nice…
That doesn’t say I rock……
Then at the end of the post it says ” It is nice to know someone in the business!”
Well, in the spirit of positiveness and turning the other cheek I have two words for this unknown post person…who is probably a teenage friend of one of my nieces……..
I think that my niece needs some new friends and if that is the push that is needed I say so be it.
So, I am off to the Hummingbird tonight!


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