Hey….I thought that Junior the Barista was someone….but I think I am mistaken….I NEED to know…….are you K.G. ?
Or or you handsome-curly-haired-young-man?
Or am I totally off?
You don’t have to say…..I love clues!!!!!
And now that I have a bit of time off between Songs for a New World and the Chiropractor ( my back still sucks and i have to say the 4 inch heels don’t help..I was born for flats really….really) I have time for a puzzle.
And before we go any farther…….Why can’t those girls speak properly on America’s Next Top Model? They can’t ask a simple question……of that crazy, cracky-head Janice Dickenson…..she is a piece, huh? She is one crazy byotch.
And they should have kicked off Jada? She is a manly man…..woo….not that that is bad…believe me……but wow.
That show is pure entertainment….I love it when Tyra thinks she is Dr. Phil…… one of the girls ( Amanda) was chatting with her and started to cry….Tyra said “It’s okay to cry….” and not to be outdone by those young contestants she says …” …I cry all the time ….yesterday I cried for two hours.”
Did you see your own talk show?
And I love that she said Oprah was her idol and mentor and then made a joke about her (Oprah) eating donuts….and then she apoligized to Oprah…..like she is watching…..Oh my god…..it is CRAKERTAINMENT.
And Grey’s Anatomy…….well….that is for another day….
See what happens when I am not working on my show?
It is like I am missing part of my brain and I just pour TV into the side that is gone…..


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  1. Sharron:

    I don’t have curly hair, but some have called me handsome and I am indeed young.

    And I was at your last show, house left.


  2. But are you KG…cause if you are I didn’t see you at the last show….maybe I was just on crack….

  3. Crack it was, crack it was. That’s ok. I was wearing a hat. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re still my idol.

  4. if you find handsome curly haired man send him my way. sounds like just my type.

  5. Hahahah!
    They all want the curly haired ones.

  6. and omigod…i totally agree with you about ANTM…I watched this episode like three times…cause I kept missing the beginning…but when she said “i cried for like two hours yesterday” I wanted to kill myself and take her with me…lol.
    and also regarding that episode…i have been laughing for a week now about that poor girl dressed as Stedman…

  7. I cannot stop watching the show!! I just can’t do it!!!! It is like a fashion accident. Tyra is just a mess…who raised her to think that she was a princess? Oh…I have so much to say about her…there isn’t enough writing space…..

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