“OHHHHH…what a night……mid september back in ’06”
Remember that song?
“Oh…..I got a funny feelin’ when she walked…in the room”
Ya know how I love the retro tunes…
Well …what a night it was….It was a mighty lovely group of peeps on and off the stage.
I do have the best seat in the damned house.
And I do love the Gladstone.
My guests were so diverse and I was just bowled over by their talent….Kathryn Rose sings like a bird…..and people flicked to buy her CD…which you can also get at her website
She has such an original sound and I watched the audience sit farther forward in their seats as she began her set.
The “Songs for a New World” people killed….oh ya …disclaimer..I was in that part…..but we still killed……after “Flying Home” we got a standing ovation….I know it was a bit for Thom but we will all take the credit cause that is the kinda people we are!
Jennifer Stewart just lit up the stage…….
She sang from the Spelling Bee and from Footloose and from
Rocky Horror….
she just sang so purdy…..
And her sweet heart , Sammy, was my card bitch for the sing-a-long which was by far the best one sooooo far….
I broke the group into three and then we all rocked out on the C section of the song…..
It is a challenge to pick something that will be fun for the audience.
I also love it when they sing with me on other tunes.
Like they did on “Tainted Love”
….gotta love the tainted love, baby….
For a birthday night it all felt pretty special…there were some new faces and the old faithfuls who I always am sooo happy to see………..
my Hamilton Crew…thanks…..
little Scotty Fink…he always warms my heart
…Great Grampa Randy….
Harry got a T-shirt…….
James’ work buds…Graham….Kimball and Jay….Weesie and Rob…
Shout out…holllaaaaaa!
You are appreciated by all of the Sharron’s Party Crew.
Yes, we do have our own crew.
And I got to sing a little Sondheim….how could that be wrong?
Now….I am just crampy …..
But happy….
I laid on the couch and read romance novels and ate cookies all date…isn’t that a lovely white trash way to wind down?
Then I will go on an 8 hour bike ride tomorrow.
Then it begins again!!!
Oh ya…..for those of you who don’t know….we have a line up change.. Adam Brazier had to cut out on the Oct 16th date but
we have an awesome addition….
Dora award winner for Real Live Girl and start of this season’s Slings and Arrows
Woo hoo.
I will be putting up the changes and the dates for Songs on my webpage ASAP!
I love doin’ the show.
What a dream.
Life is good.
Judgers can eff off!

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  1. I signed up for an account on here so I could comment on your blogs now. 🙂 Just wanted to say again how wonderful the show was on Monday…Gillian and I look forward to them all month! And thet SFANW preview was fabulous; November is too far away!

  2. I dunno: everytime you think to yourself “I don’t think it is humanly possible for Sharron’s party to get any better….” she pulls out all the stops and it does! Sharron only touched on some of the highlights: there were so many! George’s cupcakes in TWO flavours! Syncopated clapping (have we done that before???) Patrick’s zinger of the evening (Playing in Twelfth Night vs Making out with a bloody lip: it was classic, i tell ya, classic!)And my Chris made his Sharron’s Party debut humming “Mrs Robinson” and being accused of having a career in porn 🙂 No wonder everyone wants to be Sharron’s Bitch!

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