Well, I don’t usually mentions articles…….but Paul pointed out that I had glossed over that fact in my blog yesterday….as I said to him……. I am always terrified that I will come off like an ass so I like to read it first.
Very Happy…..Rita Zekas did a great job…I really like the way she coins a phrase and we had a great time doing the interview part at the Rivoli…she is very nice and we were chatting like girlfriends. It was a great day and I am happy that Fashion Crimes got such a great spread…they are the best….
One problem….when I read and article for the first time I usually skim it……by the time I got halfway down the page I thought….”Who is Paul?”
Oh god.
Oh no.
I called him by his name.
She wrote it twice….and once with ME saying it in a sentence…..ah Diva…that is what I call him…the unsung hero of the Party.
He took it way better than I would have…..I hope he isn’t smashing down on the inside!
Now, at the next show we will all let him know how great he is….although Thom Allison thinks we should address him as his alter ego….Paul Burtman. When I want something…. and he doesn’t do it…I should say ” Paul Burtman would do it.”
Maybe that Is only funny to Thom and I.

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  1. Hahahahahah…..that is what James said.

  2. Oh wait…..I thought you were the other Paul…….Deev……you are full of the booze!

  3. That is also funny to me. “Paul Burtman would do it” would make me angry…which I suppose would be the desired effect on Patrick. Good on ya.

  4. Hello Sharron

    My name is Matt and I run the Hairspray Movie Fan Blog.

    I wanted to send out a great big hello, welcoming you to the Hairspray movie!

    Take care!



  5. So who is Link in the movie? And is he going to become one of Sharron’s tiger beat heart throbs?

  6. Zac Efron is playing Link.

  7. He totally is going to be a tiger beat heartthrob……I’m jealous. 🙁

  8. Boys …boys….I knew that this wouldn’t be about me when I saw all of the posts….that young Zac was at my audition….he is a cutie.
    Thanks fo the welcome…I am looking forward to it!

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