Left out the most important thing!!
My partner Patrick…who wore a wonderful shirt proclaiming to all that he
“Could Be Your Private Dancer”
Accompanied all and took care of me like a dream.
He is just so solid that sometimes I forget.
Thank you, Deev.
And after reading the previous post I wanted to mention that we had over 100 peeps!
Woo Hoo!

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  1. Hello Hello….. First of all.. AM I EVEN DOING THIS RIGHT? I dont even known if after I’m done writing, this is even gonna get to you Sharron, also, at this point (5 am), I don;t even known if I can speak english. But,you popped into my head, and I was determined to make contact with ya. So, on that note, Hey Sha-SHa! How are you?
    I checked ya out…. you site, your pics, and all that fun Stuff. I haven’t seen ya in a while, but damn, you look fantastic, and it also looks like you’re doing well, and you sound happy……. Awesome. (not really forming full sentences, but you get the point huh??) SO, I dunno. I just wanted to say hello, see how you were and try to make contact with ya. You know I dig ya! Best to you and George. Stay in touch
    Michelle Truman

  2. Hey Truman!
    I hope that you are well….ah the websurfing that we do at 5:00am….I have seen some funny stuff at that time of morning.
    All is well and we are healthy and happy.
    Life is good.
    I am constantly amazed when I come on this blog….I love talking to my peeps.
    How are you?
    What are you up to?

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